Discovering Yello Hotel: A New Smart Hotel in the Heart of Cebu

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Cebu surely got a lot of amazing places to go to. And with how fast the time surely flies, a lot of improvements and new businesses pop up from the different parts of the metro. These, include beautiful tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, and resorts which makes Cebu even more a good place for tourists all over the world to visit.

With many tourists and backpackers coming over to Cebu, choosing a good place to stay should really be considered. Most especially for people who would want comfort. And as a person like me who also loves to travel in different places in the Philippines, the budget should really be considered. (Of course!)

Yello Hotel officially opens in Cebu City + Preview

collection of outside photo of yello hotel

The Yello Hotel team did proudly present what the hotel could really offer to the guests coming over. As per experience, this hotel would surely hit! Why? Because of how amazing and how modern it is.

photo outside of yello hotel with its staff

Yello Hotel at first glance

I must say that Yello Hotel would not be your normal hotel to be. It would bring a brand new experience to those folks coming over. And as someone who has been here to see it the first time around, it surely feels amazing!!

Yello Hotel is the only smart and design hotel located at the heart of Cebu that offers good, friendly and very affordable rates! Aside from this, there should still be many things that you would love in this hotel!

1.) Yello Hotel proudly introduce their Interactive Robot

If I’m not mistaken, I believe that Yello Hotel should only be the hotel in the whole province of Cebu who got a robot roaming around the lobby. This is something new that has not happened yet in the metro and only shows that Yello Hotel really is a smart hotel. 🤖

photo of yello hotel interactive robot smiling

We even got to interact with this robot during our visit! Haha. Try to talk with it guys! It should answer some of your questions. 🙌

2.) Yello Hotel’s mechanized parking spaces

I have been to many hotels in Cebu already and I must say that I was amazed when I first saw Yello’s mechanized parking! This parking is not normally seen even in malls! Just in awe to see how their team really thought of it since it would really save space and could give more spaces for more guests bringing cars with them.

photo of yello hotel parking lot/space

3.) Yello Hotel’s Spacious Modern Rooms

Yello Hotel actually got more than 100 rooms to offer. These already are in a total of all the different room types from single rooms up to rooms good for groups!

During the soft opening of the Yello Hotel, I actually got the chance to see some of the rooms this hotel has to offer. And I must say that it really is spacious in person and really worth the price! (Very affordable!!)

Check out their rooms page here

photo inside of yello hotel executive room

4.) Free Working Stations

One good thing about this hotel is that they also have two working stations if you might want to hurry up or check out something on the internet. This is good for all guests staying in the hotel, and guests dining in at Fujinoya Cafe that shares the same lobby with Yello.

inside photo of yello hotel fujinoya

5.) Convenience + Yello Hotel’s Mobile App

Yello Hotel, being a smart hotel, do really know how to make everything easy for everyone here. Right now, you could already download Yello Hotel’s mobile application in Play Store or App Store for total convenience.

What is it for me/you?

Through Yello Hotel’s mobile app, you could already experience in-room personalized services at your fingertips. Their Mobile Application would let you explore and do the following:

  • Hotel facilities.
  • Neighboring points of interests
  • View your bill
  • Arrange for room make-up
  • Send messages to their staff by simply pushing a button
  • Mobile Guest Key. Turn your smartphone into a virtual key when you check-in using their mobile app. Your mobile guest key lets you gain access to the elevator, your room and allows you to turn on/off power inside the room.
  • PRE-ARRIVAL CHECK-IN. Say goodbye to hassle and time-consuming manual checking in. At Yello Hotel, you can check-in ahead using their mobile app so everything you need is prepared ahead of time the moment you arrive.
    So far right now, these are the things that you would surely love with Yello Hotel. In the future, there would still be a lot of facilities that would be opened which is right now still is in progress.